Why is JobFit so Important?

 There is no greater tragedy in business than putting competent employees into jobs in which they are destined to fail. When good people are put into jobs to which they do not fit, their potential is wasted. Job Match or JobFit is the single most important factor in job success. Yet, many employers overlook job match when recruiting, promoting or redeploying their human capital.


The classic example of not appreciating the benefits of establishing JobFit is when a company selects its best salesperson to be a sales manager. Generally this results in the individual not being effective in the new role, is less successful, is very unhappy and he/she will impact negatively on the performance of the sales team as a whole. It has long been known that the qualities that make a great salesperson are very different from those of a great sales manager; it is extremely rare (about 5%) that an individual that can do both well.


JobFit Assessments (ProfileXT, Profiles Sales Assessment, Customer Service Profile) are the most advanced psychometric instruments you can use to match people with the work they do. These assessments measure the essential factors that will be the difference between success and failure in specific jobs. JobFit assessments assists organisations put the right person into every position, allowing them to utilise their talents without limitations.

There are two methods of creating role benchmarks that reflect the unique critical success attributes of a role.

High Performance Role Benchmarks

Based on objective criteria, high performance benchmarks are developed from the existing proven top performers selected for each role by the management team. This is by far the most powerful benchmarking process available as it literally extracts the success DNA from your star employees. The assessment results are processed by the online Virtual Assessment Centre which automatically develops a unique High Performance Role Benchmark for each particular role.


Role Benchmarks using the online Job Analysis Survey

With the Job Analysis Survey, one or more managers have the ability to weigh in opinions and views regarding a specific position by completing the online Job Analysis Survey. Once the 57 question survey is complete, the manager/s responses are entered into the online Virtual Assessment Centre for processing. The result is a unique JobFit profile.

The Virtual Assessment Centre generates reports in real time with each report being designed for a specific use (screening, selection, coaching, training, team building and leadership development). All reports are written in common business language and do not require outside interpretation or certification. The design features of our reports include graphical illustrations coupled with bullet highlights.  For example, the Interview Guide offers graphs plotting the candidate’s scores, percentage fit to the role, identifies the potential barriers to success, customised behavioural interview questions and bullet statements summarising the candidate’s results.

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Written by Mark Purbrick

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