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Leadership & Teamwork – Are they on your to-do-list?

One of the most critical areas of any business is leadership and teamwork. Without respected leaders and a culture of mutual team effort, an organisation will never achieve its true potential.

Why then do management teams not have these two areas in their top five action items?

By being able to elicit ideas from all employees and refining individual/team skills you can dramatically improve productivity and, more importantly, boost employee engagement levels; which we all know will result in increased revenue, profitability and customer service levels. There is no doubt that collaboration encourages internal development and learning, but most critically, employees are able to benefit from the shared knowledge of their direct reports, peers and managers by being exposed to the strengths of the people they interact and work with.

What isn’t easy for a lot of managers is being able to understand team members varying personalities and create a harmonious and collaborative workspace.

Working with a range of different personalities and behaviours is one of, if not the most, challenging aspects of being a people manager. All leaders need to appreciate the characteristics of their direct reports and use these to achieve team-oriented goals. Leaders need to take time to assess the qualities of their team and truly understand what makes them tick. If a manager has an understanding of their team’s innate qualities then they can more easily make expectations clear and achieve the team goals and outcomes. This delivers amazing benefits for all concerned, by agreeing on the outcomes required and setting clear expectations, the ability for individuals to effectively interact with each other is dramatically enhanced.

Trust is vital in building teams and by nurturing trust all individuals will become more empowered. Recent research suggests that employees want to feel empowered and have purpose in their organisation. The key is having a manager who has the confidence and courage to allow them to develop, have an active voice and grow as individuals.

The challenge is that fully understanding the drivers, behaviours and needs of each of your direct reports can be very difficult and usually takes far too long and/or is so subjective that you tend to create even more people issues. An unbiased and highly objective approach is to assess your team using a validated psychometric assessment and then map out all their traits into a Team Balance Table. If you are currently using Profiles assessments then the ProfileXT Team Leadership Report is a perfect way to better understand your team. The ProfileXT Team Leadership Report is designed to assist managers reduce team conflict, improve team communication, improve their ability to anticipate problems, and enhance their team leadership skills. These reports not only map your individual team members but also provide valuable suggestions on how to either fix or avoid issues that will diminish team success.

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Written by David Snow

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