simulation testing

Simulation Testing

The hiring process is often full of subjective views on candidates that are more based on whether the hiring manager “likes” the candidate, not whether the candidate has “fit” to the role and therefore will have a high propensity to be a future high performer. This paired with the alarming percentage of lies in candidate resumes can cause hiring managers to make ill informed decisions. What is needed is an objective and fair process that allows managers to get a better understanding of the on job skills needed for a role. A low cost and unbiased approach is to integrate a pre-screening skills/knowledge test using job simulation components.

Job Simulation testing has been around for a long time, whether it is training to be a pilot and using a flight simulator or role playing interviews for sales jobs. Being able to objectively understand whether a candidate has the minimum requirements to complete a role has always been an effective way to predict functional performance.

With improvement in technology all employers can take advantage of low cost simulation testing for nearly any role. For office based jobs there is an absolute need to be computer literate. This can start from general computer knowledge through to program administration and typing. The ability to simulate computer programs and processes allows for a more accurate prediction of on job performance.

PeoplogicaSkills offers a range of simulation testing, and we are continuing to expand our interactive testing tools. In contrast to most competitive simulations, PeoplogicaSkills simulations allow for multiple correct answers, rather than scoring test takers as incorrect when they provide alternative solutions.

PeoplogicaSkills simulation testing ensures that your candidates are presented with practical situations to which their skill levels are evaluated according to real-time efficiency. In just one test, online simulated environments evaluate candidates’ knowledge, problem-solving abilities and speed of response. Recently we released two new simulation tests to evaluate candidates’ “multitasking” and “chat” capabilities, importantly these simulations are based on HTML5 technology and therefore are able to fully immerse test-takers in realistic work environments. These two new tests add to our existing simulations for MS Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Inbound Call Centre, Outbound Call Centre, Digital Literacy.

Multitasking Simulations (Standard and Online Chat)

The Multitasking tests measure the ability to work on more than one task simultaneously, replicating the dynamic of a real work environment by giving candidates several tasks to solve within a certain time frame.

Candidates will be required to juggle a series of tasks, including managing emails, replying to chat messages, handling orders and even responding to customers’ requests. Applicants must demonstrate the ability to shift back and forth between two or more activities.

Multitasking Simulation Screenshots

multitask simulation test

multitask simulation testTake our Sample Simulation test here

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